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Interior Design

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This apartment bathroom has beautiful mosaic tiles that are multicolored. The use of textured tiles in a bathroom can make it more appealing and interesting. 
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Rustic Style Modern Bedroom
₹ 100.00
For rooms where most of the wall space is hidden, putting wallpaper on the ceiling is valuable. It adds a visually appealing pattern to the room while making use of a large, empty space. A standard and properly installed wallpaper last for at least 15 years.
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A light blue minimalist blue aesthetic bedroom decoration not only looks attractive with blue accents, but also looks attractive combined with light green colors. 
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The home's dedicated puja room features an intricate CNC pattern of Om. By covering the idols on all sides, this CNC pattern becomes the backdrop of the entire puja unit.
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Ease of workability and lightness are plaster’s biggest advantages. Today, Plaster Ceilings are more popular than traditional plastering due to ease, cost and speed of installation, at a slight cost to aesthetic appeal. it prevents unwanted noises permeating through walls and ceilings
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