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Shehnaz Diamond

If you're looking to get your skin looking brighter and smoother, a biocare whitening facial may be the perfect solution for you. This type of treatment uses various ingredients to lighten your skin tone, one of which is vitamin C. The bio whitening facial is a treatment that uses natural ingredients to improve the appearance of skin. The treatment begins with an assessment of skin tone and complexion. After this, the therapist will choose the right product for your skin type. This includes creams, gels, masks and serums. The bio whitening facial can be done in one or two sessions. During the first session, the therapist will apply a cream or gel to your skin. You'll then remain reclined for 20 minutes while it works its magic. The second session involves using a mask or serum on your face. You'll stay reclined for 30 minutes while it works its magic. After the bio whitening facial, you'll likely experience improved skin clarity and brightness. If you're concerned about blemishes returning, keep in mind that many people see improvements in their skin even after just one treatment!Book your appointment today with ToNearMe and see the difference for yourself!