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Your kitchen will be a welcome place where you can cook when there is no smoke or odour. Thanks to the Baffle Filter and Oil Collector Cup, you can make your cooking experience less messy with the Hindware Trevo 60 Wall Mounted Chimney.
₹ 12,420.00
The splattering of oil or the release of fumes is a part of frying vegetables or cooking meat. Grease from these food items gets released by the lack of adequate ventilation in the kitchen and settles on the counters. Thus, drawers lose their lustre in a short amount of time. Keeping your kitchen clean is as simple as installing a Hindware Nevio 90 Wall-mounted Auto-clean Chimney.
₹ 15,598.96
With top-of-the-line features and outstanding performance, Revio chimneys are a great complement to your modern kitchen. Thanks to the unique features in the chimney, the product makes cooking a smoke-free environment while absorbing grime effectively.
₹ 17,160.00
With a powerful suction capability and three layers of baffle filters, the Faber Aerostation 3-in-1 Glamour is designed to keep your kitchen odour, fume, and grease-free. This kitchen appliance produces a low level of noise. It also has LED lights for convenience and comfort.
₹ 12,688.00
 Installing this user-friendly beautiful-looking chimney in your home will help ensure that your kitchen is a healthy environment for your family. This chimney has a diameter of 60 cm. This Wall Mount Chimney retains its competitive pricing despite its utility.
₹ 9,869.60
With this chimney, you can remove dust particles and dirt from the air thanks to a nylon air filter. In addition to trapping gases and odours, the carbon filter neutralizes them. HEPA filters help remove dust particles, smoke, pollen, etc.
₹ 20,018.96