The yummy layers of chocolate and the supreme Oreo bread rolls settle on this Supreme Oreo Cakes, an ideal decision for any event. Be it your little one's birthday celebration or parent's wedding commemoration festivity, this crunchy and chocolatey cake will amount to the fun and energy of your festivals. Request online this yummy cake to offer the endowment of taste and pleasantness to your all-over living friends and family.
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Basic Details:

Flavor: Supreme Oreo Cake
Brand: Celebrations
Diet type: Non- Vegetarian
Package Information: Available for pre-order
Number of pieces: It can be served for 5-6 people
Weight: 500g (Customization available)
Allergen Information: Ice Cream and Oreo Chocolates.


About the Item:

● Oreo cakes are delicious, moist, and amazing in flavor. This cake is round in shape and made with fresh cream.
● It has the perfect layered structure with crushed Oreo cookies. The cake is round in shape.
● The cake is best for each event. It is specially made using coffee to give that flavor to chocolate.
● It is made with chocolate frosting.
● This Supreme Oreo Cake has two layers: a rich, sodden chocolate cake filled and shrouded in a light Oreo whipped cream frosting! It makes an incredible birthday cake.
● This Supreme Oreo Cake includes peanut butter mousse pie and numerous different treats which give it an amazing taste.
● The cake is round in shape.
● The image is only for reference purposes the real product may vary.


Technical Details:

Weight: 500g (Customization available)

Ingredients type: Oreo Cake
Brand: Celebrations
Package Information: Available for pre-order
Allergen Information: It contains caffeine.
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 6 months and above
Net Quantity: 500g (Customization available)
Ingredients: All-purpose flour, white sugar, eggs, baking soda, vanilla extract, dry
caffeine, butter, cocoa, Oreo crisp, chocolate syrup, baking powder, etc.
Color: White


Product Description:

Attractive Treat:

The look of this Supreme Oreo Cake is so attractive that if u have a look, the tongue feels to grab it immediately it is not just made with fresh whipped cream it contains fresh Oreo biscuits garnished on it.

How to make Oreo icing?

The chocolate cake layers themselves are light and cushy, and an exemplary chocolate cake. The icing is the place where things truly get super scrumptiously invigorating. However, It's scarcely, in any event, icing in the conventional sense - it's not made with margarine or stacked with ridiculous measures of powdered sugar.

Would I be able to use an alternate type of Oreos?

Obviously! Since Oreo has a great time flavor, you can utilize any of them to make a turn on this Supreme Oreo Cakes. Peppermint would be so special for these special seasons! They're continuously emerging with new flavors as well, so mess around with it.


If you are looking for the Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake then it is the ideal expansion to your party. Made with real Oreo Cookies, premium vanilla frozen yogurt, and whipped icing beating, it makes certain to be a hit. Add your garnishes for special customization, or appreciate it with no guarantees. You can't turn out badly with this connoisseur dessert!


This Oreo Ice Cream Cake is made with a delicious mix of velvety vanilla frozen yogurt, authentic Oreo treats, and whipped icing that makes certain to become one of your cherished sweets.


If you are wishing somebody Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Merry Christmas, Happy Housewarming, or partaking in a sweet finish to the day, this cake is an ideal choice. Alter it! Add your icing, fixings, chocolate, or significantly more Oreos to make this cake your own.


What preferable gift over the endowment of cake?

These delicious oreo cakes make the ideal present for anybody on your rundown. Try not to have the opportunity to make a connoisseur dessert? This luscious Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake is the best solution for those of us who are in a rush!


Care Instructions:

Keep the cake in the refrigerator until use. Best to store in refrigerator before 15 minutes from serving. You can store this cake for up to 3 months frozen.

FAQs Related to Oreo Cake


Does Oreo Cakes Contain Gluten?

No, it is Gluten-free.


What is the price of Oreo cake in India?

The Oreo cake price depends upon the quantity and theme of the cake, the basic price starts from 499 INR.

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