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This Delicious Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake Online is prepared with fresh chocolates. Garnished with Rocher Chocolates on top. 
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Basic Details:  

Flavor: Ferrero Rocher Cake  

Brand: Celebrations  

Diet type: Non- Vegetarian  

Package Information: Available for pre-order

Number of pieces: It can be served for 4-5 person 

Weight: 500g(Customization available)  

Allergen Information: Contains eggs.



About the item:

  • This Ferrero rocher cake online is an amazing choice for birthday celebrations.
  • This cake is made uniquely with luxury cream and rich Ferrero rocher chocolates. 
  • It is made with a lot of hazelnuts and sugar icing. The layers of this cake are hidden with Nutella cream.
  • The cake is handle with the most care.
  • The cake is not fondant, it is in creamy flavor.
  • The image is only for reference, the real item may be different.
  • The cake looks tasty from the top and inside. The material is very glossy and soft.
  • The outer glossy looks make the cake look amazing and best for birthdays.
  • Each cake layer is made of hazelnut wipe cake, then, at that point, layered with rich Nutella and Chocolate Buttercream, and the wafers in the middle of each layer add a wonderful crunch that will help you to remember the wafer shell in the Ferrero Rocher candy.



Technical Details :

Weight: 500g(Customization available)

Ingredients type: Ferrero Rocher Cake

Brand: Celebrations 

Packed on: Available for pre-order. Best before a half year pressing in the fridge

Allergen Information: It contains Ferrero rocher chocolates and eggs.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 2 months and above  

Net Quantity: 500g  (Customization available)

Ingredients: All-purpose flour, white sugar, eggs, baking soda, vanilla extract, chocolate whipped cream, butter, baking powder, chocolate shards, and rocher chocolates. 

Colour: Brown



Product Description:

  • Ferrero Rocher Cake online is the big name cake of the multitude of cakes. Crunchy Ferrero Rocher sits over tasty chocolate to allow you to have an extraordinary blend at any point experienced.
  • This Ferrero Rocher Cake is your beloved chocolate hazelnut treat in cake structure! It has 3 chocolate hazelnut cake layers and a fresh Nutella buttercream.
  • Thinking about what type of enticement could it take if it somehow managed to emerge? The response is straightforward a mystically heavenly and temptingly soft - Ferrero Rocher Cake. Made of three layers of rich Chocolate cream, Ferrero Rocher cake online crunch, and hazelnut flavor, this Choco ball treat is certainly overwhelming. Note: Number of Ferrero Rocher will shift contingent upon cake weight
  • The Ferrero Rocher chocolate truffle baked good is pretty much as debauched as the name suggests. The most awesome aspect of this baked good is that it accompanies the best heavenly chocolate-Ferrero Rocher, on top of it.
  • Express your adoration for your dearest ones with the delectable rich choco-filled cake finished off with Rochers. Welcome sweet and wide favors their countenances with your special treat for them. Make their unique festival considerably more extraordinary with your heart-winning signal.
  • Chocolate and hazelnut are some of the most mind-blowing flavor blends as I would like to think. I entirely love hazelnuts (even without chocolate). Give me some hazelnut gelato and I am one cheerful camper. Add an extent of chocolate to that and I will think I've kicked the bucket and done to paradise.
  • I grew up eating Nutella. Nutella on toast, Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, and my undisputed top choice Nutella treats.



Types Ferrero Rocher Cake Ingredients Used:

  1. Eggs
  2. Granulated Sugar
  3. Ground Hazelnuts
  4. Flour
  5. Cocoa Powder
  6. Unsalted Butter
  7. Chocolate Chips
  8. Nutella
  9. Squashed Wafers
  10. Ferrero Rocher Candy
  11. Hazelnuts


This cake is for all you Nutella darlings out there. Or on the other hand my chocolate and hazelnut fans (Same thing right?) Ever since special times of year I have been partaking in a solitary Ferro Roche after supper. It has turned into a daily custom. I needed to catch a Ferrero Rocher in cake structure.



Tips for Ferrero Rocher Cake

You can utilize the hazelnut flour or utilize a food processor to make your own.

Use cooked hazelnuts for the best character.

Utilize an even measure of cream between each layer.

Assuming that you're utilizing a blender to crush the hazelnuts, don't mix them for a long time, if not it might transform into a cream.



Types Of Ferrero Roucher Cakes Online: 


  1. Rich Ferrero Rocher Cake
  2. Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Cake
  3. Hazelnut Ferrero Rocher Cake
  4. Almond Ferrero Rocher Cake
  5. Double Heart Ferrero Rocher Cake
  6. Rich and Rich Ferrero rocher cake


At any point felt that the flavor of the chocolate cake is great that you could not have the option to get enough of it? Yes, this cake is tied in with making you fall over heels for it. The smoothing chocolaty surface with chocolate can satisfy your chocolate longing in the best way.



Care Instructions:

This cake is best to serve within 24hours of delivery. The cutlery is excluded make sure to use a clean and dry spoon.

Avoid it from children below 1 year. You can store it in the refrigerator for up to 4 months.

The cake should be kept in the fridge for 1-2 hours before serving.



FAQs Related to Ferrero rocher chocolate cake:


How to decorate a Ferrero Rocher cake?

Break the wafers into little pieces. Spread cream over each layer equitably and afterward sprinkle the wafers over the cream. Embellish the outside of the cake with extra cream, hazelnuts, and obviously some Ferrero Rocher confections. You can utilize the hazelnut flour or utilize a food processor to make your own. Utilize cooked hazelnuts for the best character.

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