The Chocolate cake, Kitkat, and Gems cake will leave you overwhelmed and mesmerized in every bite, will pamper your taste buds, and will force you to have more.
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Basic Details: 

Flavor: Chocolate 

Brand: Celebrations 

Diet Type: Vegetarian 

Package Information: Available for pre-order

Number of Pieces: Serves approximately 5 persons 

Weight: 500g (Customization available)

Allergen Information: Contains corn syrup and cocoa 



About This Item: 

  • Everyone loves cakes as they are delicious, fluffy, rich in flavor, and whatnot. Yet, what makes the biggest difference is its flavor.
  • Velvet cakes are cakes with a smooth velvety cake texture when they are baked using vinegar or buttermilk that reacts with baking soda. 
  • Kitkat and Gems cake is a stunning scrumptious and A new spin on an old classic! 
  • It’s more like chocolate than a cake. Its soft and glossy texture gives this cake a unique beauty. 
  • The chocolate used here is completely real and not a chocolate compound. This gives the cake a super smooth and shiny look. 
  • Photos are indicative only. These cakes are freshly Baked Actual design might differ a little bit and there might be some difference in appearance as every chef is unique.



Technical Details: 

Weight: 500g(Customization available) 

Ingredient Type: Kitkat and Gems cake 

Brand: Celebrations 

Package Information: Available for pre-order. Best before a half year pressing in the fridge

Allergen Information: It contains corn syrup and cocoa. 

Manufacturer Recommended age: 14 days and below 

Net Quantity: 450g(Customization available) 

Ingredients: Refined flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, condensed milk, butter, milk, vanilla, chocolate, heavy cream, corn syrup 



Product Description: 


What is a Kitkat and Gems Cake? 

  • Kitkat and Gems cake is originated in the United States in the early nineteenth century.
  • Chocolate cake is a cake indulged with melted chocolate, cocoa powder, or both.
  • From its rich texture to its delicious taste, the cake is considered to be one of the best desserts of all time.
  • Chocolate cake is with other ingredients such as vanilla crème, fudge, and other sweeteners are also included.
  • Chocolate Velvet Cake is a bit of an updated version of traditional Southern velvet cakes we all love and is Full of rich, delicious chocolate flavor with an unmistakable velvet cake texture.
  • This delicious Kitkat and Gems cake has light chocolate layers with a moist, fluffy crumb and the Top layer is with buttery smooth ganache cream which will make your day special.
  • A feast for the eyes, Our Eggless Kitkat, and Gems cake is made by layering a cocoa and buttermilk sponge with our signature cream cheese.
  • The Rich Kitkat and Gems cake is a fabulous delight.
  • Unlike the red velvet cake and the blue velvet cake, this chocolate velvet cake just lets the chocolate shine through and the chocolate frosting is a rich velvet cream that melts in the mouth and leaves you mesmerized.
  • Kitkat and Gems cake is a moist cake with cream cheese layers, topped with premium chocolate shavings.
  • Your loved ones will simply fall in love with you and with this cake. The Kitkat and Gems cake will leave you overwhelmed and mesmerized in every bite.
  • It's moist, packed w/ chocolate flavor & naturally colored w/ dark cocoa powder, and will pamper your taste buds and will force you to have more.
  • You can also try the other cake-like Black Forest Cake or Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing, with Eggs.




This Kitkat and Gems Cake is A Total Show Stopper!!!

This chocolate velvet combination is pure love. This frosting dessert is pure satisfaction for all lovers and loves dates. This cake is the best option to choose on special occasion days like Christmas cake, birthday cake, New Year cake, Valentine's Day, and much more. 


The brown textured shapes on the outer are giving it an adorable look and the top of the cake is with dark chocolate to give it a smooth look. This eggless version is also available for you.



How Is Red Velvet Cake different from Kitkat and Gems cake?

The fundamental contrast between red velvet and Kitkat and Gems cake is that red velvet cakes will generally be more extravagant and better than Kitkat and Gems cakes.


In comparison to chocolate cake, there is very little cocoa powder In red velvet cake. The cocoa powder serves in deepening the color. Additionally, its response with vinegar or buttermilk uncovers the red anthocyanin, which colors it red and furthermore makes the cake additional light and fleecy.


Red velvet contains cocoa powder in it, yet that doesn't make it a chocolate cake. Consider it along these lines, assuming you made a normal chocolate cake player and added heaps of red food shading, the shading actually could never take after red velvet.



Care Instructions: 

  • Cover the leftover cake, then refrigerate.
  • Keep it refrigerated or Store at room temperature
  • Keep the whole cake outside the refrigerator for 45 to 60 to regain its complete softness and flavor.
  • Consume in on the very same day of purchase.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it decreases the shelf life.
  • Please consume within 14 days.



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Does it contain eggs?



How long does it stay fresh without refrigeration?

The shelf life of this cake is 14 days. It will remain fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

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