Choco Almond Cake is a delicious chocolate-flavored cake garnished with slivers of almonds along the sides and studded with a bit of almond. 
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Basic Details: 

Flavor: Chocolate and Almond

Brand: Celebrations 

Diet Type: Eggless 

Package Information: Available for pre-order

Number of Pieces: Serves approximately 5 persons 

Weight: 500g (Customization available)

Allergen Information: Contains corn syrup, almond,, and cocoa 



About This Item: 

  • Almonds have distinct flavors that go well with chocolate.
  • Fudgy, frosted, and Baked with the finest quality of almond, blended with original chocolate make the choco almond cake a delight to taste. 
  • One of our best-selling cakes after truffle cake as it is a perfect blend of luscious chocolate with the nuttiness of almonds tantalizing over it. If you like Chocolate & Nuts, You would LOVE our Choco Almond Cake. 
  • The design and icing of the cake may vary from the image as Photos are indicative only. The actual design might differ a little bit since each chef has his/her way of baking.
  • Order this Choco Almond Cake sprinkled with roasted almond and treat your and your loved ones taste buds.



Technical Details: 

Weight: 500g  (Customization available)

Ingredient Type: Choco Almond Cake

Brand: Celebrations 

Package Information: Available for pre-order

Allergen Information: It contains corn syrup and cocoa. 

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 1month and below

Net Quantity: 450g  (Customization available)

Ingredients: Refined flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, condensed milk, butter, milk, vanilla, chocolate, heavy cream, corn syrup Roasted almond, Almond paste.



Product Description: 


Are you looking for Roasted Choco Almond Cake? 

  • Baked to perfection, this tempting choco almond cake topped with tasty cherries is an absolute delight and just melts in the mouth. The most deliciously fluffy and brown moist cake is for any occasion.
  • This choco almond cake is soaked in milk and layered with sliced roasted almonds.
  • This choco almond cake is rich in chocolate and almonds and has reached the next level of indulgence with both chocolate flavor and almond nuts.
  • A perfect blend of chocolate and almond is incredibly rich and is suitable for all occasions and a total showstopper.
  • This crowd-pleasing combination of Gently toasted Almond flakes encrusts a decadent chocolate cake that is rich, elegant & surprisingly light.
  • The rich classic buttery taste of Choco Almond Cake is also best for health and will surely make everyone's mouth watery. You can feel the Crunchy almond brittle in every bite.
  • Delicious Choco Almond Cake covered with rich chocolate ganache and topped with golden crunchy almonds, this cake is to die for.
  • It is utterly irresistible and memorable also tastes great when served chilled. Even though it’s fancy and really elegant made with nuts, this cake will turn any meal into fine dining and kids love it.
  • This cake is just so tempting and also a perfect dry fruit cake for choco and almond lovers.
  • Gifting a choco almond cake will be a wonderful feeling. Show your immense love and affection to your beloved ones with Choco Almond Cake as a token of affection on a blissful occasion.
  • Science suggests even Chocolate and almonds have a unique molecular architecture that creates mutually complementing sensual textures and their common flavor components suffuse to delight taste buds.



The Classic, The Famous, and The Evergreen

There are somewhere around a hundred incredible collections of cakes heated in this present reality. There is the adored Vanilla pineapple Cake, there are these brilliant rainbow works of art that effortlessly a significant number of our birthday celebrations, and obviously the butterscotch, strawberry, and coffee which have various enthusiasts of various age gatherings. 


We love them all, to some degree since they are altogether cakes that make the world a superior spot, however generally on the grounds that they taste heavenly.



How And When Did Chocolate Cakes Start?

The historical backdrop of chocolate cake returns to the year 1764 when it was found that chocolate could be made by crushing cocoa beans between two weighty grindstones. This ground cocoa powder, until the 1900s, was consumed essentially as a drink. Conching of chocolate made it simpler to heat with it as the blend got smoother and more straightforward. 


In any case, individuals actually kept on characterizing chocolate as a fluid treat until the start of the twentieth century when chocolate was starting to be utilized in sauces and frostings. In any case, once remembered, it changed chocolate from an elite treat to an everyday grub, and the vast majority began baking Chocolate cakes in their homes.



The Importance That Chocolate Cakes Hold Today

The rich, smooth kind of chocolate layered on a supple base, chocolate cakes are basically adored because they taste so great. Each time we taste chocolate, it is a magnificent reveling experience. If it's an event, you wish to arrange a cake for, chocolate cakes are a mutual benefit since you realize everyone will like it. Chocolate cakes are a special method for fulfilling our inherent love for desserts.



Care Instructions: 

While getting, don't press the sides of the case. Keep the cake box upstanding on the table.

Keep it refrigerated or Store at room temperature.

It is best to consume at room temperature on the very same day of purchase.

Try not to keep the cake where it gets immediate sunlight as it diminishes the timeframe of natural flavor.

Please consume within 1 month.



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Does it contain eggs?



How long does it stay fresh without refrigeration?

The shelf life of this cake is 14 days. It will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

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